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Introduction to the session by conference call

Tuesday January 26, 2016 09:30 – 09:40 Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan

Micro-nano robotics and automation system nowadays has a solid discipline, as synergetic integration of the micro and nano sensor, actuator, control, computer and material, and wide spread applications to industry and consumer in our daily life. Micro-nano fabrication, materials, assembly with evaluation leads downsizing of the products and give more economical material and energy efficiency, and more functions from the viewpoints of Green and Life innovations.

This micro-nano robotics and automation system can also show to give a new dimension of theory and applications in the life science, such as medical engineering, bio-engineering, bio-robotics and other areas. In particular, more active observation with micro-nano robotic manipulation has been more popular, leading new discovery and finding in single cell analysis as well as improving the quality of life. Then it is challenging to investigate how we can construct a 3 D cell assembly by the synthesis approach based on the knowledge and findings of the cell analysis. There will be several methods to achieve this challenge. In this paper, we show some of the unique assembly methods by the DEP, hydro gel fibers and so on.