Shortlisted Abstracts

Poster Submission Number Authors Title
2 Aye Mya Thandar and Myo Kay Khaing Improved Clonal Selection- based RBF Neural Network Classifier for Feature Selection
3 Ramesh Ramji, Ming Wang, Bhagat Ali Asgar, Weng Daniel Tan Shao, Chwee Teck Lim and Chia-Hung Chen Single cell encapsulation using pinched flow droplet microfluidics
4 Ganesh Subramanian, Kameshwaran Velu, Syeed Mustafa Riyas Ahmed and Araventhan Ramanan A novel voice recognition system for speech impaired people
5 Eka Antonius Kurniawan, Chee Keong Kwoh and Xuchang Ouyang OpenCL Accelerated Molecular Docking with Historical Genetic Algorithm
6 Ambrin Farizah Screening, Production & Optimization Of Extra Cellular Laccase Enzyme From White Rot Fungi Pleurotus Species
7 Antony Sagayaraj, Ashwati Vipin, Mina Afhami, Janani Manivannan and Angelo All Cell Replacement Therapy and Electrophysiological Assessment in Rat Model of Spinal Cord Injury
8 Indu Prasad Bodala, Hasan Al-Nashash, Esther Wu Xiu Wen, Hasan Mir, Shih-Cheng Yen, Julian Lim Ziqiang and Thakor Nitish Assessment and Enhancement of Cognitive Efficiency
9 Haoyong Yu, Gong Chen and Zhao Guo Design of a Novel Portable Knee Ankle Orthotics
10 Ning Xue Two-Step Fabricated Pdms Based Chip For Cells Isolation
11 Yu Sun, Shengdi Chen, Fei Miao, Anastasios Bezerianos, Nitish Thakor and Junfeng Sun Revealing relationship between the functional and structural connectivity: a multimodal neuroimaging study
12 Toan Dothanh, Yiren Zhou, Hossein Nejati, Ngai-Man Cheung, Dawn Koh, Ricardo Sosa, Suat Hoon Tan, Martin Chio, Michelle Liang, Aaron Tan and Susan Swetter Design of a Mobile Imaging System for Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
14 Cong Feng, Zhaolin Yang, Kenglin Wong, Hongliang Ren and Qinghu Meng Drilling Process Recognition during Hip Fracture Fixation Surgery Based on IMU Signal Analysis
15 Jin-Huat Low, Ignacio Delgado-Martinez and Chen-Hua Yeow Novel Soft Pneumatic Grippers for Surgical Manipulation
16 Alexander Leibinger, Christopher Burrows, Fangde Liu, Matthew Oldfield, Riccardo Secoli and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena STING – A Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide
17 Julian Lim, Yu Sun, Kenneth Kwok and Anastasios Bezerianos Mental fatigue from sustained attentional demand alters the properties of small-world functional networks
18 Geonsoo Jin, Mohendra Roy, Sungkyu Seo, Jeong-Hoon Pan and Young Jun Kim Reagent-free Cell Viability Measurement Platform Using Lens-free CMOS Image Sensor
19 Dong-Min Seo, Sung-Ho Paek, Sungkyu Seo, Yeon Hwa Kwak and Se-Hwan Paek A Needle-type Bio-Layer Interference Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Human Serum
20 Ki-Cheol Yoon, Jung-Tae Kim and Jong-Chul Lee Experiment of Iontophoresis for Optimization of Drug Delivery Velocity Using Digital-Signal Injection
21 Garrick Orchard and Nitish Thakor Towards Neurally Inspired Artificial Perception
22 Alexander Khromenkov, Bingbing Ni and Stefan Winkler Salus: A System For Tele-Rehabilitation Using Kinect
23 Lun-De Liao, Yu-Hang Liu, Aishwarya Bandla and Nitish Thakor Reversibility of Cortical Functions during Acute Ischemic Stroke via Sensorimotor Stimulation
24 Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Qingxin Zhang, Kwan Ling Tan and Ming-Yuan Cheng Bio-packaging development of a ultra-thin profile silicon probe array for chronic implantation
25 Swathi Sheshadri, Frederic Michoud, Jukka Kortelainen, Sudip Nag, Kian Ann Ng, Faith A. Bazley, Anoop Patil, Josue Orellana, Louiza Chan, Camilo Libedinsky, Amitabha Lahiri, Keefe Chng, Annarita Cutrone, Silvia Bossi, Silvestro Micera, Ignacio Delgado Martinez, Shih-Cheng Yen and Nitish V. Thakor Decoding of motor information in non-human primates using a chronic implantable system
26 Kian Ann Ng, Yong Ping Xu, Shih-Cheng Yen and Ignacio Delgado-Martínez Implantable, Low-Noise, Power-Efficient Neural Amplifier System
27 David Paramelle, Paul Free, Jonathan Hobley, Sierin Lim, Nikodem Tomczak and David Fernig Featuring peptides for highly stable and stoichiometrically functionalized biohybrid nanoparticles for biomedical applications
28 Naosuke Yamamoto, Naoya Kurokawa, Toshiyasu Yamamoto, Yoshihiko Tagawa and Akio Tsutsumi Feedback control system with M-wave electrical output in ankle-actuated FES passive waking
29 Anoop Patil, Frederic Michoud, Swathi Sheshadri, Josue Orellana, Sudip Nag, Kian Ann Ng, Faith A. Bazley, Camilo Libedinsky, Annarita Cutrone, Silvia Bossi, Silvestro Micera, Amitabha Lahiri, Ignacio Delgado Martinez, Shih-Cheng Yen and Nitish Thakor Electrode Interfaces for Peripheral Nerve Prosthesis
31 Shengyong Xu A Possible Way to Couple Artificial Electrical Signals into a Live Neural System
32 Jing Pan and Lifeng Kang Hydrogel Microwells for Human Hair Follicle Regeneration
33 Hossein Shahabi, Sahar Moghimi and Ali Moghimi Dynamics of effective brain connectivity during working memory: potential for a new brain computer interface system
35 Lin Cheng, Junfeng Sun, Zhiyuan Wu, Fei Miao and Shanbao Tong Rehabilitation and Reorganization of Brain at Task State after Stroke
36 Xuecan Huang, Huhe Dai and Ye Li The Parallel Processing of ECG signal based on Hadoop Framework
37 Fen Miao, Yun-Peng Cai and Yuan-Ting Zhang Risk prediction for heart failure within 1-year in ICU patients
38 Chee Ping Ng, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Sharif, Daniel Heath, Mary Chan-Park, Paula Hammond, Jerry Chan and Linda Griffith Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Matrix Improves Ex-Vivo Expansion Of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells
39 Lee-Ling Sharon Ong, Mengmeng Wang, Justin Dauwels and H. Harry Asada Integrating 2D/3D Time-Lapse Microscopy Images to Quantify Angiogneic Sprout Formation
40 Kyung-Jin You, Kabmun Cha, Kiwon Rhee, Young-Seok Choi, Marc H. Schieber, Nitish V. Thakor and Hyun-Chool Shin Semi-blind Decoding of Multi-finger Movements Using M1 Neurons
41 Hae Ung Lee, Nitish Thakor and In Hong Yang Electrical stimulation for myelination via compartmentalized microfluidic platform.
42 Rong-Chao Peng, Xiao-Lin Zhou, Wan-Hua Lin and Yuan-Ting Zhang Heart Rate Variability Extraction Using a Smartphone
43 Daniel Heath, Chee Ping Ng, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Sharif, Paula T. Hammond, Linda G. Griffith and Mary B. Chan-Park Hydrogel microwell arrays for single cell culture and analysis
44 Jizhou Li, Yongjin Zhou and Lei Wang Contraction Pattern of Rectus Femoris in Transversal Plane: A Sonography Study
45 Yun Lu, Zi-Gang Dong, Xiao-Lin Zhou and Yuan-Ting Zhang A Fully Integrated Analog Differentiator for Derivative of Photoplethysmographic Signal Processing
46 Ryszard Gomolka, Antoni Grzanka and Agnieszka Cudnoch-Jedrzejewska From Apelin, Ang II and AVP to Boolean Model of Central Regulation of BP.
48 Pierre Gergondet and Abderrahmane Kheddar Object-Affordance Control of a Humanoid Robot with BMI
50 Bruce Hecht, Tony Zarola and Tom O’Dwyer Portable Vital Signs Monitoring through Electrical, Mechanical, and Optical Sensing and Precision Signal Processing
51 Wei Zhao, Justin Dauwels, Jacquin Niles and Jianshu Cao Computational synchronization of microarray data with application to Plasmodium falciparum
53 Jin Jing, Justin Dauwels and Sydney Cash Localization of the Seizure Focus from Interictal Intracranial EEG
54 Jin Jing, Justin Dauwels, François Vialatte and Andrzej Andrzej Cichocki Synchrony Analysis of Paroxysmal Gamma Waves in Meditation EEG
56 Justin Ruths, Peter Taylor, Justin Dauwels, Nishant Sinha and Yujiang Wang Abatement of epileptic spike-wave discharges in an epileptic neural population model
57 Mengmeng Wang, Lee-Ling Ong, Justin Dauwels and H. Harry Asada A Stalk Cell Prediction Model Predicting Stalk Cell Trajectory Using Tip-Stalk Cell Interaction and Microscopy Data
58 Xin Liu, Zhenzhou Li, Lina Pu, Heye Zhang, Zhifan Gao and Yuan-Ting Zhang A Numerical Study of The Hemodynamics In Common Carotid Artery with Vasodilation Affected by Different Shapes of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque